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THANK YOU for your wonderful hammock.
I am just writing to thank you for the wonderful support that your product provides to babies and Parents. Our baby, Miles, came to us after a long and arduous labour. He had colic and would not sleep for a continuous amount of time; basically he was up every hour. He would only get a couple of hours sleep on either of us, where he could listen to our heartbeat and our breath, or, sleep in our bed where neither of us would sleep for fear of SIDS. It was only after my partner doing a lot of research on the web that we finally decided on your baby hammock. Whilst I was unsure that it would do any good, anything had to be better than the situation we were in. It arrived into a rather stressed, overwhelmed and sleep deprived little home.

At 7 weeks of age Miles took to the hammock straight away. I remember spending many wee hours bouncing him up and down, swinging him from side to side and his father would often stay up late, sometimes till 4am, jiggling and swinging him to sleep. Soon, astonishingly, he began to bounce himself up and down to go back to sleep. Sometimes we would just stand at the end of the hammock amused to see him bounce around until he would settle. It was so cute to see him snuggle into the side of the hammock and within a couple of minutes he would be asleep. (I just wish that someone would have suggested the hammock to us sooner and that we could have reduced the 5 weeks of stress in our little home). I am elated to say that Miles is now over his colic, he turned 6 months yesterday, and I am packing the hammock away. It brings back so many memories of his early days and how we persevered, trying to get him to settle and all those sleepless nights of crying and wind, not to mention the stress it caused on our relationship.

Over the past two weeks it has taken a while to convince him to move into his cot as I am quite small and he weighs about 10 kgs he is too big for me to lift him into and out of the hammock. Whist now Miles only sleeps at four hour stretches he is an alert, active little boy who smiles, laughs and is very content, he no longer screams out in the night and all this I can attribute to the hammock.

I want to say a big THANK YOU and give you a big hug for your wonderful hammock. It has helped me and my partner stay sane through a very trying stage. I will certainly be using it for our next child and have recommended it to lots of mothers who have babies with colic and or reflux.

For parents reading my email believe the stories that these parents have written, they are true. The hammock works and will bring much happiness into your stressed sleep deprived life.
Heidi, Bob and Miles. Richmond, Victoria, Australia
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