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I am still a happy hammock user
I am still a happy hammock user, and my baby is 20 months old at this writing. In fact, I am expecting another baby, and may have to purchase another hammock if I can't get the current user into a bed in a few months! Anyway, as we near the end of winter, (and cold season) I wanted to comment on a good effect of the hammock which you do not comment on, and might be of some help to other parents. I have found that colds and coughs did not linger, and were not a night time sleep disturbance, due to the position that the baby is held in. In a bed or crib, one cannot force a baby to sleep with his head elevated, but in the hammock, this is the natural sleep position. Breathing was easier even with a stuffy nose, and night time coughing was kept under control, allowing my baby to be rested. My mother has repeatedly asked me when I am going to stop having my baby sleep in "that contraption," and I always answer, "As long as he wants to use it."
Taylor Winston-McGrath,
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