Customer Testimonials

Too many good points to list them all!
I would like to add myself to your long list of grateful parents – I have been using the nest since my daughter’s birth 8 months ago and could not be more pleased with it. I have recommended it to a number of other mums and also my local early childhood clinic took down your details as I was so thrilled with it. Too many good points to list them all but stand outs have been:

1. Margot learning very quickly to self settle – a great boon as her 2 older brothers were also needing attention when she was very small.
2. Not having to handle Margot (ie endlessly patting and rocking) whilst teaching her to resettle – just a gentle jiggle of the hammock – bliss
3. I am convinced that one of the reasons she is so athletic is the hammock – she has rolled and crawled from very early on
4. Being able to travel with the hammock.
Mary Canning,
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