Customer Testimonials

Excellent start to life
I am convinced that the secure and tactile environment created by the hammock really gave our daughter Mackenzie her a jump start emotionally and physically. She is now 15 months, and too big for the hammock, but she stayed in it until she was approx 10 months old. She was a very happy and contented baby who absolutely thrived (even surprising the child health nurse at her steady and top-of-the chart weight gains week after week), and would sleep peacefully in the hammock for hours at a time through the night. Even in the first weeks of her life, she never woke more than once through the night for a feed, and stopped the middle-of-the-night feed completely at around 6-7 weeks. She certainly stirred many times a night, as I would hear her wake up, but I would watch as she jiggled around, and set the hammock to bouncing which would then send her straight back to sleep, then to wake again at the more civilised hour of 8:00am or later. I enthusiastically recommend the hammock to all who will listen, and I have it at the ready for our next babies when they are born. It is a fabulous product and I'd like to congratulate you on the great design and the excellent start to life that you have given our precious daughter.
Mairi Thomson, Brisbane, Australia
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