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5 Best Brain Surgery Recovery Tips

Hi everyone, my name is Trish and I am the owner of Amby baby hammocks . I am a work-at-home Mum to three gorgeous kids. Many of you may not know, but 12 months ago today I was having surgery to remove a benign brain tumour. As you can imagine, this was a huge event and recovery was slow, but I have to say that my three children and my lovely Amby customers are what kept me going and helped with my recovery. So a big thank you to all of the wonderful Amby Mums and Dads for your support and understanding over the past 12 months. Helping you with your own gorgeous baby's sleep has been my inspiration.

Here are my 5 best Brain Surgery (or any major surgery) recovery tips:

  1. Listen to your body. No one is the same and each person will be different.
  2. Have great support set-up to allow for recovery. My husband took time off work and my Mum came every day in the first 6 weeks.
  3. For me, looking after 3 young children and running Amby kept me distracted from the post surgery side effects. I love running Amby and can recall supervising and packing a large order to the Europe 1 week after surgery!
  4. Don't expect too much of your self as it will take time! After the 10 months I was still suffering exhaustion. 
  5. Be gratefull for this experience! You will be amazed on the blessings by taking the positives of all situation you are dealt in life :-)
My baby won't sleep unless being held – HELP! Over the years I have become a Mum of three gorgeous children.  But my mind takes me back to a time when I was an excited, yet nervous, brand new Mum.  

Photo: Myself (Trish) wearing my third child on a walk at the beach












Baby to be

Our first baby arrived fashionably past his due date.  My husband and I had been impatiently waiting to meet this little person who had been wriggling and kicking around in my tummy for many months.  He was absolutely perfect in every way – he looked just like his Daddy and everyone commented on how beautiful he was.  
While we were still in hospital our newborn son seemed quite unsettled at times.  He was very alert for a newborn and didn’t sleep as much as everyone else’s babies seemed to!  I admit to feeling ripped off – aren’t newborns meant to be sleepy?!  We brought him home one memorable day.  My husband and I were excited, but also secretly terrified that we were now on our own and were fully responsible for this tiny human being!
Why is the baby crying?
Our boy continued to be quite unsettled over the coming weeks and barely left my arms during the day.  Strangely (and thankfully!) he slept well in his own bed at night, but the exhaustion of having a baby who would only sleep in my arms during the day was taking its toll.  I would have given just about anything to be able to put him down for a nap so I could shower for 5 minutes in peace or eat a meal with both hands!
Some people told me I should just put him in his bed and leave him to cry, but my Mother’s instinct told me that there was a reason he wasn’t happy.  I could not leave him lying there distressed to cry it out while he was possibly in pain.  
Each day I became more exhausted and emotional dealing with our clingy, unhappy baby.  My husband would call from work to check up on us and I would dissolve into tears on the phone.  I had no idea about babies and how to get our baby to sleep until one day a friend recommended we take our son to a paediatric chiropractor.  We were told that chiropractors who specialise in babies can have great success with treating unsettled babies and babies with colic and reflux.  I was so desperate at that stage that I nervously booked my son in.  
The paediatric chiropractor was a wealth of knowledge about babies and I soon felt at ease.  After an examination, the chiro discovered that our poor little man had a dislocated shoulder that occurred during birth.  No wonder he was so unhappy and wasn’t comfortable lying in his cot during the day!  The reason he slept so well at night was due to pure exhaustion from not sleeping well during the day.
His shoulder was gently worked worked on over the coming weeks until it was in it’s correct position.  Our son was much happier during his awake time and we were so relieved!  But by now he was 10 weeks old and was so accustomed to needing to sleep in the warmth and comfort of his Mummy’s arms that he would still not sleep in his cot during the day.  
How do I get a baby to sleep?
It was at this time that we started to recall hearing about the Amby baby hammock.  Our ears pricked up with interest!  Could an Amby baby hammock be what our son needs?  What we knew was that our infant son wanted to be cradled in our arms and bounced and rocked off to sleep.  This was very tiring after 10 weeks!  We were told that the Amby baby hammock mimics the womb – that it moves and jiggles when baby stirs, soothing them back into deep sleep, just like inside the womb when Mum is moving around.  We decided we had nothing to lose, let’s find out if he likes it!
We ordered our Amby baby hammock and couldn’t wait to assemble it for a test-drive!  Once we had it assembled in our son’s room, we shut his curtains, wrapped him tight in his swaddle wrap and placed him in the hammock.  He didn’t complain at all which was a major miracle because normally he’d start crying each time we placed him in his cot.   I bounced the hammock up and down for a few minutes and watched his little eyes get heavier and heavier until the ultimate miracle occurred – he fell asleep somewhere other than my arms!!  I left the room with my heart racing, was this too good to be true?  My husband and I smiled nervously at each other while we held our breath and waited for him to start crying.  We waited, and waited, and waited.  Nothing!  Ummm, OK, now what do we do? Still in disbelief we thought he would surely wake at the 20 minute mark? Incredibly he silently passed this new milestone.  This was the first time we’d had our arms free since we’d become parents and we had no idea what to do with ourselves!  We’d forgotten what time to ourselves meant!  
Our son sleeping in his Amby Baby Hammock at 14 months of age

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Prizeapalooza  Competition - May 2012 

Amby Baby Hammock pack


  1. I’d love this for my new preterm babe who has to be tube fed still and won’t settle, another product from Amby Baby is the Amby Snuggler, so much nostalgia from when my 4 year old was born so early we had a similar pillow!

    Charlotte Frances
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  2. Being a single mum any item that means I can put my 10 week old down to attend to miss 3 is a god send! I was very active during my pregnancy and so my little man LOVES to be moving!

    Ange MacDonald
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  3. What a great product! My baby would love to sleep in it! I also love your baby smuggler, I use it all the time.

    kreindy weiss
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  4. Our first had reflux and now #2′s due
    please give us an Amby
    we’d really like to be able to snooze!

    Karen Dunn
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  5. About to be a first time mum, friends have used the amby hammock and loved it, their babies were fantastic sleepers… I would love it for my little one as well.

    Cathy McDonnell
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  6. with 2 other children and being a newly single mum, the Amby baby hammock would be well used in our home. As i work from home, it would give me that extra little bit of time to cook and clean with a settled baby. <3 your products.

    Cristy Osborne
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  7. I would love to win this for my sister in law who is due anytime from now, and actually 11 days overdue as of today. Love the snuggler as well, my daughter love it when she was little.

    Lesley Ahmung
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  8. I have a new bub and this would be amazing for her and for me! I also love the Amby Jump Jump, how cool will that be for when she is a bit older!

    Hayley Clisby
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  9. The amby hammock would be great for my second grand child to be it would make it easier for my daughter to keep an eye on him or her while shes chasing her 21mth old son around. And the sheet sets would come in handy as well as they always getting soiled. thanks gail

    Gail Chandra
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  10. The gift of sleep
    Is all I need
    my only other wish
    is that you make them in adult size please :)

    Emma Sherry
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  11. My family would really benefit from the Amby Baby Hammock, as we’re expecting baby number 3 and I wont have much time to rock the baby! I also love The Amby Snuggler.

    Jessica Best
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  12. Any help that gets the weight off my back, from suffering with sciatica, the pain is sometimes unbearable, this would relieve a lot of the struggle in rocking bubba to sleep.

    Narelle Rock
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  13. Knowing that this was designed by a doctor put my mind at ease!
    FINALLY a versitle hammock/ safe sleeping space for my BUMP!
    We will be traveling a lot so this will be perfect for bump. He/She can continue to sleep in the same comfy sleeping heaven instead of chopping and changing! We NEED this :D

    Emma Savaiinaea
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  14. You’ve had your time to run amok,
    Let’s place you in the Amby Hammock,
    Quiet, cozy, safe in Snuggler,
    Dreams of clowns and bears and jugglers.

    Kate McCann
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  15. Baby number one is now a beautiful sleeper but number two is only 15 weeks away I am worries how my 16 month will adjust if baby “b” doesn’t enjoy being put down either! This would ensure a nice snoozing bub and a older sister who won’t put it in the bin lol

    Jessica rogers
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  16. This is an item that I have on my wish list. I have a very active 2.5 year old son who is very demanding for attention – would love to have this product for new bubby so I can give both my little cherubs the attention (and comfort!) they deserve! Pretty please with sugar on top….

    Alison Deverson
    Posted May 7, 2012. Link to this comment
  17. Mr 11 months old
    still wakes through the night,
    don’t think he’s cold,
    am sure he’s alright.
    The hammock might be,
    just what we need,

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