Short Nappers


Amby Baby Hammock for night time and naps
Dr. Sears said the most common question I get as a paediatrician is “How can I get my baby to sleep better?” I have always been an advocate (and a practitioner!) of the family bed – sharing sleep with your baby so you can all get some good sleep. I realise, however, that some fussy, high need babies may not sleep well lying flat. Some babies are very restless sleepers, tossing and turning throughout the night. Some babies really crave motion and sleep much better in a slightly upright position. Such babies, of course, won’t sleep well in a traditional crib, and most parents are reluctant to try the strict “cry-it-out” approach because they don’t feel it’s right for their baby, or them.”
The Amby Baby Hammock can give your baby that long nap that you both need. Whenever baby begins to move around, the Amby spring provides a gentle rocking and bouncing motion that soothes baby back to sleep. Baby may stir several times during a nap but not wake up due to these natural movements.
Another advantage of the Amby is that it’s so portable, you can have baby nap anywhere in the house so that you are never too far away from baby.
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